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Twitter for learning

Posted by Vaishnavi on January 29, 2009

While I am amazed by the potential that many web2.0 tools offer, I find that I am sometimes unable to see the utility of certain tools that are created. My thoughts about Twitter, at least initially, were not too positive. Twitter is a social networking tool that allows people to send short messages (140 characters) to everybody in their network. I couldn’t help but wonder the point of such a tool, not just for learning but also for social networking. But that was before I stumbled upon Jeanne C Meister’s blog . According to her, Twitter ‘..marries the mass appeal of blogging with the speed and ease of text messaging.’ I guess it was this statement that liberated my views about Twitter.

Meister has explored the use of twitter for learning in her blog post- Twitter: Can We Use This As A Training Tool? In this post she shares demographical data on the usage of Twitter. As most users fall in the 18- 24 age group, Twitter is ideal for younger learners at the work place, the ‘Millennials’. She also suggests some interesting ways in which Twitter can be used as a learning tool. Her next post- Feed Back From Users Of Twitter As A Training Tool, carries more interesting ways in which Twitter can be tapped for work place learning.

Meister is an active user of Twitter and her twitter feeds , which update people about her latest blog posts and her latest initiatives, certainly seem to tap her social network to its maximum potential.

I guess it again boils down to how innovative we are in using the tools that are available to us. It is also important that we study our work/learning requirement and accordingly use tools that are available to us. For more on this, read Tony Karrer’s post Top-Down Stategy: eLearning Technology. Also, most web2.0 tools are not created with a learning objective in mind, they are created for sharing, collaborating and publishing content, ideas and thoughts. Its up to educators and instructional designers to study the affordances of these tools and tweak them for the purpose of learning. For more on this, read an interesting post by Geeta BoseAre Web2.0 tools designed to support learning?


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  1. Geeta said

    Hey, found an interesting blog by an educator There is a detailed article on Twitter on his blog. Although its a pretty old post (2007) but its quite informative. He is currently exploring the use of Web 2.0 tools in classroom training.

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